HiTSeq 2018

Accepted Full papers

  • Novo&Stitch: Accurate Reconciliation of Genome Assemblies via Optical Maps. Weihua Pan,
    Steve Wanamaker, Audrey Ah-Fong, Howard Judelson, Stefano Lonardi.
  • Asymptotically optimal minimizers schemes. Guillaume Marçais, Dan DeBlasio, Carl Kingsford.
  • A Spectral Clustering-Based Method for Identifying Clones from High-throughput B cell Repertoire Sequencing Data.  Nima Nouri, Steven H. Kleinstein.
  • A graph-based approach to diploid genome assembly.  Shilpa Garg, Mikko Rautiainen, Adam Novak, Erik Garrison, Richard Durbin, Tobias Marschall.
  • Strand-seq Enables Reliable Separation of Long Reads by Chromosome via Expectation Maximization. Maryam Ghareghani, David Porubsky, Ashley Sanders, Sascha Meiers, Evan Eichler, Jan Korbel, Tobias Marschall.
  • A space and time-efficient index for the compacted colored de Bruijn graph.  Fatemeh Almodaresi, Hirak Sarkar,  Avi Srivastava, Robert Patro.
  • AmpUMI: Design and analysis of unique molecular identifiers for deep amplicon sequencing. Kendell Clement, Rick Farouni, Daniel Bauer, Luca Pinello.
  • Versatile genome assembly evaluation with QUAST-LG. Alla Mikheenko, Andrey Prjibelski, Vladislav Saveliev, Dmitry Antipov, Alexey Gurevich.
  • Haplotype Phasing in Single-Cell DNA Sequencing Data. Gryte Satas, Ben Raphael.

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